Where the Sinners & the Saints Collide (Deluxe Edition)

by Melodime

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released September 2, 2014

Produced by Rick Beato
Mixed by Rick Beato
Engineered by Ken "GL" Lanyon
Mastered by Ken "GL" Lanyon
Recorded at Black Dog Sound

All songs written by Melodime
Bradley Rhodes - vocals, guitar
Sammy Duis - piano, organ, bass
Tyler Duis - drums
Jonathan Wiley - electric guitar, mandolin, dobro

Additional tracking by:
Steve Everett, Ryan Walker, Ken "GL" Lanyon, Rick Beato - backing vocals

Rick Beato, Ken "GL" Lanyon, Dave Onorato, Brandon Vient - electric guitar

Executive Producers:
Kathryn Allen
Dallas Hudgens
Kathryn Klein
Tom Nusbaum
Douglas Woodard

Graphic Design by Dan Tello
Photography by Jewel Peach
Managed by David Jennings



all rights reserved


Melodime Virginia

"Melodime is what’s missing in music today – a band that tells stories from their deepest recesses of their hearts and souls: a band that seamlessly blends the musical past with the sounds of the future; a band that is working hard to make a difference through their music and charitable giving that will last a lifetime." ... more


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Track Name: The Call, Pt. 1
We can't hear beyond the music in our ears
We've been chasing these tornados all these years
And we're praying that our burdens disappear
We close our ears, prepared to fall
"Cause we can't hear the call
Track Name: Halo
Well, i bought a ticket on a train bound west
With an ice cold sweat and a bulletproof vest
I'm shaking now, I confess
Who would put to the test a well-groomed mess like me

I have a tendency of running from things
A strung out junkie that the preacher couldn't reach
But you never thought to give up on me

I lift my head just like you said
I dust off my halo
I feel the beat beneath my feet
And I hear the echo

I speak to those with the unclean hands
The radiant souls that the world has damned
The untold story of the misjudged man
Says it ain't too late to live the next day's plan

A broken spell, a conquered hell
I'm building kingdoms now from this abandoned town
A severed will, restored and filled
With help from the angels I can fly now
I start again
Track Name: Two Strikes
Well they got two strikes on me
They look me dead in the eyes
But the fire don't make me blink
When they gonna realize
That my ship won't sink
In the poison they drink?
I only got one light on me
I've been broke and then shined up
Like a pawnshop ring
I only got my songs to sing
But they ain't mine to keep

Tell me tales with happy endings
I ain't broke, but I am bending

Teach me how to walk, but never to run
God forbid I don't stand still like everyone
Teach me how to love with a hand-held loaded gun
But the mark of the devil ain't the mark that's on my head
I'm chewing leather 'til my calloused heart is fed

Two strikes on me
But if it's right down the middle then
You know I'm gonna swing
You see, this life is a funny thing
But I can't laugh myself to sleep

I walk the line with my feet on both sides
I find the blind where the sinners and the saints collide
Oh, I'm out of my mind
Breaking all the rules for the hundredth time
Untamed, insane, but we're all the same
Track Name: Framed Love-Suicide (Let You Go)
I done gave up sleeping when you done gave up me
Now I don't waste my time stuck inside of dreams
I've been living steady on coffee and menthol smokes
But I sing better with wide eyes and a raspy throat

So drown me (and cover all the tracks that you made)
Slowly (Show 'em right where to pin the blame)
And leave me (you think you pulled off the perfect crime)
Lonely (with this framed love-suicide)

Baby, you made me crazy
Now crazy's all I know
So kick the chair beneath me
So I'll be forced to let you go
Let you go

Take away my money and take away my home
And I will wander broke, but with a hungry soul
Broadcast all my weakness for all the world to see
So, I'll be forced to fix what's inside of me

Honey, you can have the bright stage
To play the victim all night
You can tell the story your way
And build a great big city of lies
(Drown me) Tell the whole world my name
(Slowly) Make me easy to find
(Leave me) Do your best to leave me lonely, lonely, lonely

Baby, this may be crazy
But I must let you know
I've let you go
Track Name: Lullaby
I had a bad dream, it wasn't just me
You were there too sittin' on the porch swing
It was raining, time was fading
I couldn't talk, then I woke up shaking
Let me get my words right
Let me get my feet firm on the ground

It's been a long year and I'm still here
But I don't want to scare you away, dear
So I ain't talkin' all to often
See, I know how you get, so I'm cautious
Let me get my words right
Let me get my feet firm on the ground

There are things that I'll risk, but it ain't this
I admit, I'm afraid, almost faithless
At the end of the day when the night hits
There I lay wide awake with my favorite
Lullaby, lullaby to keep me from my sleepin'
Lullaby, lullaby 'cause I cannot stop dreamin' of you

I got an old rose on my window
That you left back in May when you went home
And when the sun glows on the petals
I'm reminded of all the time I let go
Let me get my words right
Angel, all I need's a little time
I need a little more time, yeah
Track Name: Little People
We're all little people
Itty bitty people, that's right
But we forget from time to time

You think you're growing tall
But your growth is being stunted
Hallucinated dreams got you feelin' like you're somethin'
But this ain't your ball game and that ain't your voice
Hold your breath and count to a hundred
You'll see the limitation of which the body can't break free
Skin scratching junky of free choice

Stop you right there, okay
You may have a lot to say
But don't it feel good to let the great be great
And the small me small

Won't you kiss heaven for me, baby
Steal a cup of sugar from the angels
Maybe a rendezvous with me and you
On the throne of the sky
But then again that seems a little crazy
When you view it from my angle
Here's the bitter truth that I've come to for you and I
We're all little people, itty bitty people, that's right
But we forget from time to time

You say, grab hold of your broken soul
Give me all your money and I'll make it whole
My crystal ball is a wee bit old
But I still know what to do
Wait there and I'll make a list
Saying don't do that and, honey, don't do this
It ain't no thing, just a great big gift
With which I will control you
Track Name: Love Songs & Lies
The good girls drink the water
The bad girls drink the wine
The good boys date the good girls
But a good girls hard to find
This here is a good world
Where bad things happen, don't know why
But who's to say the wrong girl
Couldn't be the right girl this time

See, I don't have much money
And you get careless with your words
Often I am selfish
Often you can be absurd
But I love you like crazy
Like a habit I can't quit
So I'm convinced that all these faults
We'll learn to forgive

Sing me love songs, tell me lies
I know you can't be perfect all the time
Call me lovely, call me blind
You can lose your patience
But you will never lose this heart of mine

Could have judged me by my cover
With the coffee stains and all
Pretended you knew my ending
Certain I was gonna fall
But you read a couple chapters
Figured out what I believe
And learned just how I fit you
And why it is that you fit me

I'm just a human being
Yeah, I can't promise anything
I'll make you laugh and I will make you scream
Then kiss your lips with everything
Yeah, everything inside of me
To you, my love, I'm offering it all
Track Name: Outlaws
Southern boy in a city shell
Raised here against my will
Bring the walls down, bring the walls down
Grew up singing momma's hymns
Wide eyed and innocent
Bring the walls down now

'Cause I don't like the rules no more
'Cause I learned what I'm striving for

So turn it up loud now
It's about shaking up this town
Break a few rules, let your hair down
Come on, let's shake it up right
Put your hands in the air now
Sing it out loud, make the band proud
Nothin' but love in the big crowd
Let it all out tonight
Where the outlaws ride

I know where I come from
And I'm proud of the roots I've grown
But a boy must learn to dream
A couple diamonds in the rough
Fine wine in a paper cup
But it's what you choose to see

Let the dead bury the dead
And chase the light that shines ahead

I am a bull in this red linen world
And my horns are as sharp
As a double-edged sword
And I used to cry all alone in my room
But now I've come alive
With the lies I consumed
Track Name: Red Light, Green Light
It's a boy, it's a girl, it's a hope
It's a red light, it's a green light
It's a joy, it's a curse, maybe both
It's a quick life and it's a long fight

Oh--You yell green and I will run
Oh--I'll skin my knees when the red light comes
Oh--Tip toe with ease on the yellow one
Oh--But I'll get to you before the day is done

It's a walk, it's a drive, it's a flight
So, honey, hold on through the journey
It's a talk, it's a kiss, it's a fight
It's the dark dawn before the morning

There's rules to the chasin'
You say "stop on red" but, honey, I ain't listenin'
Oh i'm afraid i got to go back to the beginning
And read your cues just to see what I am missing

Tell me if I cross the line
I'll restart the game a hundred times
Track Name: Madman
I blew my second chance
The fourth and fifth weren't pretty
And I put on a mask of shame and pity
But now I stand again, a child of evolution
Don't care just what you said, I'm not losing

I'm a mad, mad man, I'm a crazy dreamer
I'm a mad, mad man, I'm a reckless mind
I'm a mad, mad man, when the odds don't favor
I'm a mad, mad man, I won't stop this time, yeah

I strap my boots on tight
I say a prayer for courage
I can't create the change if I get nervous
I learned a thing or two
Back then when I was broken
I always found myself hopelessly hoping
Track Name: Ruby Reds
She likes to whisper, but I tend to shout
I get frustrated
When I cannot seem to get my feelings out
I like my whiskey, and she likes her gin
I'm intoxicated by our problems
So the drinking never ends

She loves her Bible, and we agree on that
But we get lost between the pages
'til we fall right back into our trap
She loves the colors, but I see black and white
And somewhere over the rainbow
We're gonna get things right

So tap your ruby reds, wake up in your bed
Pinch yourself faintly
This is not a scene on the movie screen
Love is work baby

All in good time
All in good time

She loves the opera, but I dig rock'n'roll
The distortion covers up my mistakes
To make room for my soul
And we like to travel, but we always go alone
One goes east, one goes west
But there really ain't no place like home

So listen, angel, I will try my best
The rainbow's high in the sky
But I know my heart will not rest
Track Name: City of Nothing
Ignorance is bliss on the boulevard, baby
When you got a fist-full of all the world's safety
You don't gotta let your heart break for what breaks theirs
Keep on moving quick; make a dollar for the rainy day
So when the bank breaks, everything will be okay
Hallow out your heart, 'cause you're all too scared

Round and round we're turning
As we all live to die

Where everything's golden, everything shines
Steady on the rainbow, walking in the sky
We can levitate over everything small
Pretty little cave decorated to your liking
Blind eye turned to the hopeless and the fighting
We can levitate watching everything fall
In a city of nothing at all

Hey mister hot shot, drowning in your gold pot
Storing riches 'til the day that your heart stops
Leaving nothing but your cleared out empty suite
Placing all the right bets, entitled to a pay check
But in the end, what's the cost of the regret?
It's a lonely world when your love's not free

Round and round we're turning
As we all close are eyes

All around the barren ground
The hopeless search for answers
Who can pay for one more day of life?
When high above, the drought of love
Is stealing all the chances
With deafened ears refuse to hear the cries
Track Name: Unconditional
Caught in a hot mess
You got a pink dress
I got a bow tie
And it ain't tied right
But you still smile proud
"It's the thought that counts", you say
As I trip my way on to the dance floor
Catch myself, it's a great word
When I ain't by myself
I'm with you, my love
High above all my failures

You kiss my cheek and say, "it's okay"
You smile sweet, oh it's a new day

Let the cards fall
Let the winds change
Let the whole world spit out it's pain
Let the rain pour
Let the seas roar
Let the sweet heart declare insane
Some kind of fictional, but no
Girl, your love is unconditional

Caught in an earthquake
That I happen to make
Oh what a mistake
Honey, I'm unsafe
I have a tendency of shaking things
Up when the world gets still
You see past the surface
Tell me I'm worth it
I don't deserve this
Darlin', you're perfect
You know just who I am
A clumsy man
Who's fallen hard for you

I think that heaven is a lot like you
Filled with folks who say
"It's cool I've screwed up too"
But if you've painted it wrong
Love is a make-believe song
And what you give me girl
Is so very true

Some kind of fictional, but no, no, no
So untraditional, hey I ain't used to this
It's awfully beautiful, oh yes my dear
Your love is unconditional
Track Name: The Half of It
I don't know quite how to start this
I don't know quite how this ends
I let my heart do all the talking
If you let your heart take it in
I don't write these words to help my thinking
I found all my answers long ago
And I don't stay up nights deprived of sleeping
Because I like the feeling of alone

I didn't ask about your dreams for conversation
Or ask about your future to see an end
It's all so I could paint myself a picture
And see if there's a place that I fit in
I didn't pick up all your calls when I was sleeping
Because I want to be another friend
I didn't give you everything you've ever wanted
To watch you give it all to him
But you don't know the half of it, darlin'
No, you don't know how it's been

I don't recall the details of our moments
By the flawless memory that I don't have
I didn't learn the things that make you smile
Without a hope to make you laugh
I didn't drive to see you for vacation
I don't sing your songs in search of fame
But I found something I believe in
And I don't have the choice to walk away

So go ahead and conquer your world now
It's okay if walk away from mine

But I don't think you hear me
No, I don't think you understand
My silent heart is beating
You will never know the man I am

I never thought to tell you that I love you
I never wanted you to think it wasn't real
I never wanted to be grouped with all the dreamers
'cause they don't hold a light to what I feel
I guess I planned it all except the ending
I guess I fit it all inside a song
I guess you got it all now, darlin'
So I can try moving on
Yeah, I'll try moving on
Track Name: Exit Signs
I don't like driving north
'cause it feels like giving up
I spent too much time
With the broken white lines
Quizzing my heart on love
And I don't like being scared
Of my own words being wrong
That just leads me to an empty bedroom
And an insufficient song
And I don't like sitting here
Waiting for a girl like you
Because in all my years
She never appeared
So who's to say she's coming true

I'm sick of the race to a better place
'cause I know that I can't win

And after all this time
I'm still driving past the exit signs
Thinking of my unsaid lines
And holding up my tired eyes
But I can't stop now
I'm getting home tonight

I'm afraid of the moon
As it taunts me in the sky
I hear the tick and the tock
Of the night time clock
Counting down the time
And I'm afraid of the sun
Like a lion in it's cage
'cause when the moon calls quits
And the bright light hits
I'll know that it's too late

Just a few more miles to go
I can't make it on my own
Let this road lead me home
I can't take it anymore
You're not worth the fighting for
Track Name: Criminal (Let Me Go)
I, I've got one more try
To be the man that I
Have locked deep down inside
And I, I tried to leave this world behind
I ate the bread and drank the wine
I prayed for another life

But you won't seem to let it go
And you refuse to let me go
Oh you won't even let me let it go
So I wear the crime

I, I see a grace-filled sky
A blanket in the cold, cold night
But you keep me shivering
And I, I look inside the log inside
Your perfect little grudge-filled eye
So you might forgive again

But you ain't everything
I've got more songs to sing
And that diamond ring
Won't take this life from me
I'm off bended knee
I've got brand new wings
Oh yes, this criminal is redeamed

But you won't seem to let
And you refuse to let me go
Oh, you won't even let me let it go
But I won't wear the crime

I, I've got one more try
To be the man that I
Have locked deep down inside
Track Name: Brothers
About a mile around the bend
The Bryans lived their humble days
Working hard to earn their keep
With little sleep and pay
They played songs with pots and pans
With clapping hands and joyful tones
With the music underneath
The warm heart beat of home

Yeah, the brothers played, played, played
And mother, she sang along too
Turning music into bread
And strumming dreams into the truth
They found their way, way, way
Growing branches from their roots
And the fruit of which still feeds the earth today
'cause the brothers played

When it came to holidays
The Bryans gave not gifts, but love
Simple smiles and songs were shared
To fill the air above
They heard a knock upon their door
One early morn and came to find
Violins, guitars, and more
The songs were born by night

Yeah, the brothers played, played, played
The neighbors, they sang along too
Turning music into bread
And strumming dreams into the truth
They found their way, way, way
Growing branches from their roots
And the fruit of which still feeds the earth today
'cause the brothers played

They went out to the old stone streets
They strummed their strings and beat their drums
Passerby's would stomp their feet
Toss coins as they were done
La da da da da da da
The town sang on and filled their jar
The Bryans lived their days so long
The music traveled far
Yeah, the music traveled far

Many years have passed away
The name has changed, but they live on
As two Virginia boys both play
To their great Grandpa's song
They travel in their rolling home
To lands unknown and seek to find
Eager hearts upon the road
To fill with song and rhyme

Yeah, the brothers play, play, play
And now I, I sing along too
Turning music into bread
And strumming dreams into the truth
They found their way, way, way
Growing branches from their roots
And the fruit of which still feeds the earth today
'cause the brothers play
Track Name: The Call, Pt. 2
We could all be
A steady army
If we open up our hearts
To hear the calling

We could all be
A steady army
If we open up our hearts
To hear the calling
The calling, the calling, the calling