3 Reasons For Fighting

by Melodime

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released June 3, 2011

BRADLEY RHODES - vocals, guitars
SAMMY DUIS - keyboards, bass, guitars, accordion
TYLER DUIS - drums, percussion

DAVID JENNINGS - executive producer
CORRIE JAGGERS - co-executive producer
JEWEL PEACH - photographer
DAN TELLO - album design
SEAN RUSSELL - engineer
DAVE MCNAIR - mastering engineer
JIM EBERT - producer



all rights reserved


Melodime Virginia

"Melodime is what’s missing in music today – a band that tells stories from their deepest recesses of their hearts and souls: a band that seamlessly blends the musical past with the sounds of the future; a band that is working hard to make a difference through their music and charitable giving that will last a lifetime." ... more


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Track Name: Our Time
It's kinda like a bad dream
that's tugging at my heartstrings
but I kinda like the fighting
'cause its somehow apart of me
I grow tired of the waiting
for the never coming upswing
but my reasons never leave me
'cause there's a light here in front of me

(I will stand my ground)
We got one shot, baby
('cause I know our time is now)
to shed ourselves some light

On and on and on and on the world goes
if we don't try it'll pass us by, taking all that we know
On and on and on and on my heart goes
and I won't fall without a fight
'cause this is our time

So turn your head away
write me off, it's okay
I ain't lookin' for praise
in fact, I like it this way
So you can watch me from a distance
and pretend you know my secrets
but you don't know about resistance
until you're fighting the doubt away

I put my foot down on the hard ground
and baby, I'm not moving
I can face fear, we belong here

We got one shot, baby
to shed ourselves some light

On and on and on and on the world goes
if we don't try, it'll pass us by taking all that we know
On and on and on and on my heart goes
and I will stand my ground
'cause I know right now is our time
Track Name: Paper Wings
Bright eyes, you can't see beyond the stage lights
illuminating what is outside
but you don't know me at all
You call me untamed
If I'm a rockstar where's the cocaine?
Wheres the grammies and the fake name?
You've set me up to fall

You see me standing tall
but you never see me fall
behind the curtain of it all
all I have's the songs I sing
I'm barely flying with paper wings

So baby, what's this pedestal you've made me?
I can't stand up there, don't make me
I'm not fit to grace your stage

...with paper wings that fly from the bright stage
as the naive audience applauds
but as the encore ends and the lights fade
I'm barley holding on
and I don't have a chance here at all

You see me standing tall
but you never see me fall, yeah
behind the curtain of it all
all I have's the songs I sing
and my wilted, beaten, tired paper wings
Track Name: The Chase
She left for Houston with a bang
then called me on the phone
She said that things can't be the same
next week when she comes home
She said she's tired of the games
and I agree they are getting old
You couldn't say it better, babe
I understand, and I'll ready my soul

But if you run
I'm afraid that I will chase you
It is is my blood
I want the things that I can't have

The further the dream, the louder I sing
I'm just like a fiend
Oh, it's the chase that I am so addicted to
The higher the hill, the bigger the thrill
I can't get my fill
so maybe now's the time that we both face the truth
but goodbyes never seem to work with you

There's something beating in my chest
something that I used to ignore
but now the beating will not rest
it's anchoring me down to the floor
An awfully warranted arrest
Who even knows what I'm fighting for
Well, all I got now is my best
but what'll that do? I'm not really sure

So if this chase
is the only thing I'm after
then put me in my place
don't turn around
don't let me win

So I suggest you set the scene
to pack your bags and run from me
'cause I'm not man enough to leave this all alone
My heart's at home upon my sleeve
so please don't turn around for me
I'm better off if I believe that I can't win
Track Name: The Letter
Well hello darlin', it's been awhile
but I hear you're doing fine
I get some news on you every now and then
I don't know quite why I'm writing
There's just a few things on my mind
but surely not the words of what we could've been

If I told you how I'm getting by today
would you believe me? I think you would
I know you know me, and you know I have my days
but lets be honest, was the life that I lived fair?
please be honest, I need to know to get somewhere
yeah, lets be honest, you'll never read this
so who cares

You see I met myself this new gal
who resides in Arlington
She's got this heart I can't explain, its just so real
I'm doing everything I can now
to fill her heart again
and kiss the lips of fate with every ounce of what I feel

I knew the day would come
when I would sit down here and write your last song
I've learned from mistakes for futures sake
and I learned who I'm singing for

This girl deserves it, she deserves my very best
and here I stand to be the man I'm meant to be
See, I had fallen
but luckily life is full of second and third chances
so I can keep on tapping through the different dances
with this angel by my side, my heart demands this
so if you read this, fare thee well

Let's be honest
You're never honest, no
Let's be honest
Track Name: Country Singer
Who's got the heart, who's got the heart of a country singer?
I got the heart, I got the heart alright

Lend an ear for old times sake
it's okay to medicate the broken
Amazing how the give and take
comes to play upon the stage, I'm chokin'
but you're my breath tonight

It seems as if my worldly skin
is miles away from the heart within on somedays
It screams to break my skeleton
and finally breathe some oxygen
It's always last to speak

It's a hard life skipping stones
and it's a hard life here alone
but the moonlight serves as home
wherever it may be
that is home to me

No song of mine will come to life
until it pierces ears outside the maker
In each of you I will confide
my every word, my every line
You're strangers, but I don't mind

Pain can be a prison cell
and I sing for my sanity
I don't think a private hell
is where my soul is meant to be, oh no

Who's got the heart, who's got the heart of a country singer?
I got the heart, I got the heart alright
Who's got the heart, who's got the heart of a country singer?
We got the heart, we've got the heart tonight
Track Name: High & Low
I got these mountains chasing after me
I'm driving for an eternity
tattooed with gripping agony again
With directions jammed in my backseat
begging me just to take a peek
but I'm convinced that the road I seek is mine
So the headlights blind my obdurate eyes
with happiness uniquely disguised
and a heart that just can't realize what's inside

Just let me go high and low
I will be back in no time
and I will shout out now (shout out) I will shout out loud
Yeah let me go high and low
I will create my own rhyme
'cause you missed me but buried me
kissed me but glared at me far too many times
Too many times

Day two, I'm feeling hypnotized
by the hidden sun, broken white lines
shrugging off the trusty highway signs again
And as this infinite terrain
does a number on my tired brain
I continue on with no refrain at all
I'm alone but can't remember why
Is fault on me or the other guy?
Has inability to compromise backfired?

Day 3: my sleeps been minimal
feel like a running criminal
who's committed crimes not memorable to most
I think about this life I live
my family and a couple friends
the job I have no future in at all

Yeah, you missed me, missed me
now ya gotta kiss me
can move a little fast, can be a little tricky now

So this day four could have been one
but I don't mind, no I feel I've won
but solitude is some risky fun to trust
I pull into this life I made
remembering the prayers I prayed
and packing up my selfish ways for good
I'm finally living high again
the battle scars have healed within
oh yes, and I can embrace them again
Track Name: Hollywood
Here's lookin' at you, girl
I got my hand in my pocket
the whole world seems to stop when I'm talkin'
My fingers, they sweep down your white powdered cheek
to your chin, but that ain't the end

No, you grin like the sound of the sunshine
and cloud ten rises up to the night sky
and behind the trees violins start to sing us a song
'till the credits come on

Hello, reality...

1, 2 the awkward “hi, how are you?”
tippy-toe over to the 3, 4
I miss the cue to open your door
Then ending with the 5, 6
the misread goodbye kiss
when she really wasn't feelin' it
Pull back the slate again
re-shoot my stutterin'
I don't mind stumblin' in Hollywood

Now for the sequel
Happily married, we're harmonious people
and we're strictly monogamous
but there's that fling that she had just last spring
with the teacher
that's on the bonus features

Take 2...

Following the love scene
oopsie daisy, now we got a real baby
so we name him something crazy
Dressed in Louis Vuitton but we raised him all wrong
as we pass the baton to him

and walk him through the...
Track Name: Sally Stein
This life is full of somebodies to save ya
if you're looking to be saved
You can cry at night for your heartbreak life
or you can dance by the end of the day

Momentary healing is awfully appealing
'till you're back in your old ways
Man, I've been made sick with the tricks that this world
find so necessary to play

By the crooked street stands a tall brunette
with a long black dress and a cigarette
and I say, “give me just one reason to walk away”

Sally Stein, you're one of a kind with your hips so fine
but, baby, I'm behind these bars of time
though, you're a tempting crime
Will you be waiting?

Sally gal, let me tell you now
I'm not okay with having control
Though I tried it before, I can't stand anymore
certain thing are meant for the bold
I'm a patient man, I'd wait by a hand
if that hand was meant for me to hold
but it's tough to discern when human nature burns
for that someone to soothe the soul

I need proof of right before sacrifice
'cause I don't want to waste my life
Done that once or twice based on bad advice
and now I'm ready to live

Please don't listen to me
I'm a mess of human being
and I can't hear my own heart scream
for what is better, for what is better for me
I know what's better, I know the man that I should be

Sally Stein, you're one of a kind
with your hips so fine but baby, I decline
I've searched so long and I've come to find
the world is yours but my heart is mine
It's not the time to be diving blind
with my life waiting
Track Name: Addictive Me
Addictive me, can't you see what you are hiding from
Addictive me, can't you see what you are hiding from, yeah
Addictive me, can't you see what you could become
Addictive me, can't you see what you could become

But you will keep smiling until you break
Yeah, you will keep smiling until you break

Addictive me, you kick and scream but you're a coward at the heart
Addictive me, you plan and scheme but you will not get very far
Addictive me, no ounce of dream, you've been falling from the start
Addictive me, you wretched fiend, I can't live beneath you're scars

Until you break, 'til you break, until you break
Yeah you will keep smiling until you break
Track Name: Broken Soldier
Let the world stare back at me
dressed camouflaged with catastrophe
With passion as my remedy
I can't complain

I tell ya' I don't claim to be
no more than broken sanity
but microphones amplify me
in slick disguise

I'm just a soldier in this life
Gunfire madness, trench-like strife
I'm bruised and I'm bleeding but I'll be alright
belief is the bark, I am the bite

I was led to the summit's height
approached the edge with all my fright
To sing my soul in the listener's light
is worth the fall

So I tell ya', if I appear to be
content then it's just make believe
I won't stop 'til I can't breathe
but until then

I fought the evil tongue
The wicked plans, they will never end
They win some battles
but I hold the war within
Track Name: Jersey Gal
A little bit curious today
Yeah, I'm notorious for waking up that way
And I don't want to be afraid
but I admit I am
a clinging heart is heart to save

But I liked the sound of second chance
mixed with the thrill of some mysterious romance
I avoid the stories I've been told
and follow optimistic hope and sell my soul

I bet you're proud, you Jersey gal
you mastered first impressions
You got it down, that northern sound
and those sad stories from your past
You caught me off guard and free
it's still a little hazy
I've come to be this tractor beam
for everything that's crazy

A thousand apologies, my dear
I know my smiles did not convey my heavy fear
See, I'm not one to kiss then leave
but you got me absolutely shaking at my knees

So listen now, you Jersey gal
I think I've learned your tactics
By now you've found the common crowd
to throw their sympathies at you
Give them a hand as they understand
that you're miss calm and loving
and that I am that monster man
who lost my mind for nothing

No more Mr. nice guy
You have swallowed me whole
and poured out all of the fight that I
have deep down in my, down in my soul

The deal with me, I'm hard to read
and I get scared with pressure
but you need to see reaching week three
doesn't mean forever

So listen now, you Jersey gal
you got my mind all crazy
The world goes 'round, through ups and downs
there's nothing more that I can say
Yes, I am green as you have seen
but I am leaning slowly
this fooling scene's not meant for me
so I will embrace the lonely
Track Name: Symphony
I have tasted wonderful
and I've viewed the world so colorful
through eyes that only saw in black and white
Then I got drunk on hopes and dreams
abandoned what true passion means
screaming for a saving song tonight

Come home, come home to our blank page mystery
Let go, let go of our hectic history
Go slow, go slow let the simple build to be
The single note that wrote our symphony

We got lost in our approach
of self-help books and talk show hosts
diagnosing everything we feel
If shortcuts all just went away
then we'd be better off today
with two hearts and a goal of something real

I'll keep singin', you're my reason
I'll fall down, but I'll keep swingin'
Human hearts in search of passion
Worlds collide, beautiful action
Track Name: Reasons
Plain old Jane had a run in with the evening train
Headed south bound in the pouring rain
when she was in the search of hiding

Left behind all her sorrow with an open mind
for her tomorrow hoping she would find
her reasons for fighting

Why do you stand when you barely can
while both those leather gloves embrace your trembling hands
and you're barely breathin'
Why do you swing alone in the ring
against a world that fights you back with everything?

Tell me your reasons

Reason one: the bigger dream requires bigger guns
in time of struggle until you become the product of battle
Now for two: the days you're living could be very few
and you don't know when it is time for you
to kiss the clock and finish breathing

Tell me your reasons
and take your time away

Reason three: this old world is not a home for me
The body dies and then the souls set free
so why not live a life of fighting?
...of fighting
...keep on fighting
...keep on fighting