The B​-​Room Diaries, Vol. I: Trophy Day

by Melodime

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    The Story Behind the Bathroom Diaries

    Growing up in a large family, solitude wasn't easily found. There was one room, however, that offered a sense of separation between me and the outside world, a place that served as a caretaker to my inspiration. It was in the basement bathroom where I could lock myself for hours on end, with no more than a guitar and a journal, creating the only thing that ever made sense to me: music.

    The meaning of the Bathroom Diaries, however, goes beyond a simple setting for songwriting. This album represents the essence of dreams compressed in all of us, passions that are screaming for release. It is, to us, a breath of fresh air outside the consistency of our everyday lives. It's imperative that we allow ourselves these expressions; otherwise, we'll grow accustomed to normality, completely arrested by the law of structure.

    - Bradley Rhodes
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released October 20, 2009

Bradley Rhodes - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Sammy Duis - piano, organ, bass, guitar
Tyler Duis - drums, percussion
Rachel Beuregard - vocals
Katie Shanta - violin, vocals
Nate Thomas - bass, vocals
Words and music by Bradley Rhodes
Additional music by Sammy Duis, Tyler Duis
Produced by Sammy Duis, Bradley Rhodes
Engineered by Sean Russell
Recorded at Cue Studios in Falls Church, VA
Graphic design by Dan Tello
Cover illustration by William Godwin
Photography by Jewel Peach



all rights reserved


Melodime Virginia

"Melodime is what’s missing in music today – a band that tells stories from their deepest recesses of their hearts and souls: a band that seamlessly blends the musical past with the sounds of the future; a band that is working hard to make a difference through their music and charitable giving that will last a lifetime." ... more


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Track Name: Cursed
Well this here seems to be
the only way I can speak
The words that are deep down in me
prefer to sleep
when I need them the most

I can't speak one more word
when rhymes out of turn
when I am not controlling
Living a life that is cursed
confined by the worst
surviving by what kills me
but angel, please just know that I mean well

I get lost in my dreams
'til reality screams
With two worlds tearing at me
I just want you to see
that I need you the most

But I'm not ashamed
to say I take the blame
I'm not trying to frame anyone
I try to explain
but I come off insane
not a thing let to do but to run

I am an addict of love
but song is my drug
dumbfounded but I'm screaming
Please will you hear my hearts voice
I don't have a choice
when my words all leave me

But, angel, please just know
I've got nowhere to go
Yes, angel, please just know
that I mean well
Yeah I mean well
Track Name: Revived
Bring on the day, I've got much more to say
quite surprisingly I can still dance
Oh, I'm filled with words and the song of the birds
and a canvas that's blank with second chance

Oh I do not apologize for my times or sad rhymes
they're not the first and they will not be the last
'Cause I've been revived by a pair of green eyes
and a road that's been paved by my past

This feeling is new to me
I've got the whole world to see
and I'm finally happy today

In this moment of bliss while my smile's been fixed
there's this peace that I so rarely feel
Life's hit or miss and my old bag of tricks is no more
so I rely on what's real
Track Name: The Recession Song
What are we still fighting for?
Sometimes I tend to forget
I promised to keep my gloves up
but I'm worn out, can't stop getting hit
It's hard to see what was fueling me
when the chaser turns into the chased
but poverty brought a song to me
by a long lost friend I call faith

So I will come home to our one room palace
and search all the cabinets for food
I'll give what I find to my angels in panic
so they sleep the whole night through
I'll turn off the heat, start a nice little fire
take your hand and say “at least I have you”
Yeah I'll do my best to turn this poor little mess
into a happy little dream come true

The television keeps on digging the hole
I already fell in
I knew it was tough when the boss said, “enough”
and now I can't even pretend
Your providing man has a bleeding hand
that is starving yet empty again
Just a grain of sand on a fallen land
but the broken is meant to be mend

Hush little darlin, Daddy is home
We look broken, but see us inside
Our hearts are wrapped up in diamonds
and I wouldn't trade that for one lousy dime
No, not one lousy dime
Track Name: Sailboats
Well I'm hesitant to breathe
all the hatred and all of the greed
There's no point in trying to succeed
When the time is forcing us to bleed

And I'm afraid of growing old
in a world so cold I can't survive
I rush the pace so my boat can float
on the calmer coast east of the tides
where innocence and belief can coincide

So I'm asking what does hopeless mean
and do the hopeless ever dare to dream?
Is it a cowards reason to run free
or the fighters reason to believe?

See, I'm hesitant to scream
'cause there's something deep inside of me
Something small but growing rapidly
and it's all that's keeping me to breathe

But who am I to judge this place
when I fit right in with the human race?
I can pierce my heart with faith
but there's still days when I don't feel so, feel so
no I don't feel so safe

'Cause I believe in love
and I believe in grace
and I belief that my sorrow will turn to praise
Yes, I believe...

(I'll keep sailing away)
Sail away with me
...Yes, I believe
(I'll keep sailing away)
far from everything
...Yes, I believe
(I'll keep sailing away)
I want you to see
...I will be ok
(I'll keep sailing away)
...Yes, I will be ok
this is all you need
Track Name: American Dream
The need for breath intrudes to my body
and my heart beats without thought
My car drives 'cause the key is turned
just like we continue life as we've been taught

I don't agree with this pawn-like nature
or follow the leader dot to dot
If success is measured by what they say
then i will create my own top
and I'm sorry world, but I'm not gonna stop

I will get my hands dirty with true belief
not with the social moral you have schemed
You may be big but you'll be defeated
with my American dream
(my own American dream)

I like to study the city streets
as the clones of the real world pass by
Clothed with arrogant smirks and suits
to cover up their beat-less hearts inside
Go make your dollar, boys, don't worry 'bout the ride

Victory is won by the risk of falling
and I for one will die with my pride
Live to be a slave to my restless calling
and I will not stop, no I will not stop 'til I
Track Name: High & Low
I got these mountains chasing after me
I'm driving for an eternity
tattooed with gripping agony again
With directions jammed in my backseat
begging me just to take a peak
but I'm convinced that the road I seek is mine
So the headlights blind my obdurate eyes
with happiness uniquely disguised
and a heart that just can't realize what's inside

Just let me go high and low
I will be back in no time
And I will shout out now (shout out)
I will shout out loud
Yeah let me go high and low
I will create my own rhyme
'cause you missed me but buried me
kissed me but glared at me
far too many times, too many times

Day two I'm feeling hypnotized
by the hidden sun broken white lines
shrugging off the trusty high way signs again
And as this infinite terrain
Does numbers on my tired brain
I continue on with no refrain at all
I'm alone but can't remember why
Is fault on me or the other guy?
Has inability to compramise backfired?

Day three my sleeps been minimal
I feel like a running criminal
who's committed crimes not memorable to most
I think about this life I live
my family and a couple friends
the job I have no future in at all

Yeah you missed me missed me now you gotta kiss me
Can move a little fast, can be a little tricky now

So this day four could have been one
but I don't mind, no, I feel I've won
though, solitude is some risky fun to trust
I pull into this life I've made
remembering the prayers I prayed
and packing up my selfish ways for good
I'm finally living high again
the battle scars have healed within
oh yes, and i can embrace them again
Track Name: Trophy Day
Well here I am looking right at 20 years
With some meaningless hope inside a backpack full of fears
and a halo that's hanging over never ending dreams
but I'm not gonna be happy when they come true
No, I'm an addict of the future's magnitude

And it seems these days I get trapped by my own heart
With hallow victories that don't recall their humble start
And the bridges that I cross are overlooked then fall apart
But what's the purpose of the chase if I close my eyes?
And what's the meaning of the truth without some lies?

I have done away with the false parades
for the never coming trophy day
'cause smiles are born on days like today

Just last week I saw Mollie's starry eyes
She said she wants to be an actress just like her mom up in the lights
Just some ordinary words from an optimistic mind
but now I can smile more when she graces broadway's stage
'cause I watched her play the part at her young age

And I miss the nights when we'd jam 'til well past 2
Making memories with the songs we'll never use
and the humbling tavern shows for an audience of few
in these smokey bars my real dreams are coming true
playing songs with my best friends written for you
Track Name: Harmony
Be my harmony darlin' for always
You can’t carry a tune, that’s alright
Be my harmony darlin' for always
And let our music guide us through our lives

As I step up on this wishing well
my change is loose and some just fell
and darlin', I will let you wish for me
What do you think that I might adore?
Remember I cannot love you more
My love's already soaring at its peak
Now I have slipped a bit and, babe, I know
but so have you, so lets just go
and slip together now and always

Those first two months (our awkward phase)
well that worked out in many ways
You’re the puzzle piece that completes my soul
Or when the world seemed like a better place
when freedom slapped us in the face
well it wasn’t, oh no it was nothing without you
We are veterans now in this rookie game
some to figure out, but more to gain
and I'm ready to figure it out with you
Track Name: Portrait
It's been awhile since I drove this terrain
Back home from college but it still feels the same
It must be the mountains that stir the thoughts in my brain
'Cause I'm approaching Roanoke feeling semi-insane
A slave to emotion with only myself to blame

I painted a portrait in the back of my mind
Of my ideal girl but she never came by
I grew tired of searching and I lived my life blind
Now I'm learning the hard way being punished with time
Yeah, I'm battling lonely but I got someone in mind

Someone has healed me in Knoxville, Tennessee
and I'm suddenly feeling fine

I've housed a heart that is hungry indeed
and I cannot stop it's will to succeed
It's true that it's boldness can be a burden to me
and I live by faith and a calm certainty
Yeah, you can have love, I own the rights to belief

I know it sounds crazy and I do apologize
but I don't like hearts in disguise
You are the portrait that I did define

I think my happiness is from learning that you exist
Now I can take the risk on my mind
instead of wasting my time
instead of wasting my time
Track Name: Memory Lane
"Well to most these songs were just songs"
but if Happy Strings played then we could not go wrong
And When I'm Sixty-Three I know I'll sing along with
my Harmony darling on the porch by the lawn

Well it's Sweet(heart) Contentment was sent from above
And the hearts of our fans who possess NoVa Love
There's one thing that makes this world go round
And that something is love as memories form to sound

My Harmony sang for a Julia
But the Fairytale Twisted when push came to shove
Through the Miles I wandered in my search of love
Til Somebody saved me from a place up above

Been an uphill trek, we've been battling time
I spit words to the world to make The Orphan Song mine
And we're learning, yeah learning who we are inside
Falling through all the Echoes it gets lonely sometimes

Yeah, we come from a place that's not easily defined
On the map it's the south, but we "don't classify
as southerners", but we cannot make up our minds
We dig the pace of the south and the slick city life

So as I lay here fast asleep
I'm drowning in my memories
and I can't stop the beating heart
from beating down inside of me
I try my best to never blink
'cause I might miss what's happening
the rush of watching everything
fall into place so naturally
So watch us down the road we take
as far as I'm concerned we've made
our own form of the big break
we're rockin' the old fashioned way
No one here to steal away
the passion or the memories made
so here the struggling singer say
there's plenty left in us to play
Track Name: The Bathroom Diaries
Mr. Green sits at his desk job every day from 9-5
stares at his computer screen while he hangs his tired eyes
Jots down lyrics and melodies in his poetic form
in between his sales and conference calls to distract him from the norm
There must be something more to Mr. Green

He gets home some nights 'round 6 or so and loosens up his tie
rolls up his sleeves to reveal tattoo's hidden inside
Sits on the edge of porcelain in the bathroom by the stairs
where the walls sustain his guitar and the door keeps out his cares
There must be something more to Mr. Green

And he sings, God you gave the gift of soul so I use it
in this room where songs are born beneath the music
if boss-man fired me I still would not lose it
'cause the bathroom diaries live on, live on, they live on
and my soul fuels it

Mr. Green chills with insomnia about a couple times a week
they go way back to his high school days where the enemy was sleep
They would stare into his future, squint their eyes at the lights
but settled for a computer screen and the bathroom for the nights

Mr. Green gets on that south-bound train about a quarter to 9
blows off a couple work days with a different thought in mind
Says goodbye to Massachusetts, heads to a place where he can shine
one briefcase in his possession with the bathroom diaries inside
No one knows the dreaming side of Mr. Green