The B​-​Room Diaries, Vol. II: Secondhand Smoke

by Melodime

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released December 31, 2012

Bradley Rhodes: Vocals, guitars
Sammy Duis: Bass, organ, piano, guitars
Tyler Duis: Drums, percussion

Cover photo by Brian Johnson
Cover art by Dan Tello
All songs written by MELODIME
Recorded by Sammy Duis at Second Stall Studio
Mixed by Sammy Duis
Mastered by Billy Wolf
Produced by Sammy Duis



all rights reserved


Melodime Virginia

"Melodime is what’s missing in music today – a band that tells stories from their deepest recesses of their hearts and souls: a band that seamlessly blends the musical past with the sounds of the future; a band that is working hard to make a difference through their music and charitable giving that will last a lifetime." ... more


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Track Name: Child of the Moon
It's about time you noticed my affliction
Though I seem fine I'm living in remission
In the meantime I'll move in my direction
With a disguise and hopeful aspiration

I won't stay, stay in place I'm shakin'
And this earth can't control my achin'
Stay, stay, oh please don't hate me
I'm a child of the moon now, baby

Gravity has no pull when I'm on mission
A bendable rule when fighting opposition
Can I keep cool when floating at a distance?
A hand to hand duel against my own resistance
Track Name: Secondhand Smoke
Front porch kings and queens
Smokin' cloves in your skinny jeans
Painting pictures of hollow dream
They got answers, they don't need a thing
With a drink in hand
Tellin' tales of how they rule the land
Standin' proud in their pop rock band
Might I have the crumbs beneath your feet?

I ain't gonna run, I ain't gonna run
Unless it's head first into you
Steady as the sun, we have just begun
To take up arms with the avenue
I ain't gonna run, I ain't gonna run
Unless it's head first into you
Beat down silly, no pennies, dead broke
But I won't stand and choke in your secondhand smoke

Front porch kings and queens
If you're the face of this music scene
Than I guess this ain't home to me
There's an end and you are not the means
But you can think you are
You can fake it with your homemade scars
Talk of how you really journeyed far
But rock'n'roll ain't gifted how you think

I know, I know that the greater good's
outside the hood of the avenue
And I know, I know that the puppets on
strings can't dance and sing how they want to
I know, I know that we won't change
for the sake of fame just like they do
And I know the road and I walk it bold
Head strong, no guts, no glory
Track Name: Puppet
Force on me your fantasy like
predetermined destiny is your choice
Then raise me politically yet
mindlessly to carry out your voice
Expect me to live carelessly
amidst reverse psychology
Then drown me in your jealousy
As I explore society's free choice

Have I made you proud
Have I made you love me
Have I made your faults turn out ok

If I'm a puppet then where's my strings?
Maybe I don't wanna dance to your beat
Oh, break me if you please
But I warn you I will hop back on my feet
You ain't seen the best of me

You can try to multiply the
little lies you placed inside my head
But too bad I have grown wise
and realized the roots of what you said

I won't make you proud
I won't make you love me
I won't make your faults turn out ok

You can stand there like my master and
conduct this sad disaster like it's yours to break
You can cover me in plaster but I'll
break free even faster and live life today
You can't hold me anymore
You can't control me anymore
Track Name: Untamed
Hey little lady, how's the world look from
the tip top of your toes? You watch it go
You're heavy footed but you move
in the direction the wind blows
To feed your soul. You're into it

You gotta tattoo on your left wrist and a
ring inside your nose. And I suppose
That you're the kinda girl who loves
to love but has her qualms with those
those who oppose the way you go

She says if structured life is what you seek
Than I suggest you get some sleep
You're better off in dreams than
right here next to me

...As I scream in my....

Chemical brain, semi-insane
When I leave town you'll know I came
Gluttonous old soul, but covered in holes
Addicted to life of the untamed

Is there a goal in mind or are you
just a prisoner of the thrill, just like a pill
When you grow old will you say that you
aimed to live or aimed to kill
What's standing still? Yeah, answer that

You'll never find what you are looking for, no, no, no

Don't ya know, don't ya know, baby love
That you're never gonna find what you're looking for
No, no, no
Track Name: Poker Queen
She had a half-grin
She reeled me right in
With a love song she said
she can't sing alone
So we locked eyes
We sang our parts right
And, baby, then I said goodbye to control

But I can't read her ways and I'm frustrated
At the way she fans the flames that she created

I'm on my knees sayin' please
show your cards to me
But this poker queen's
got me all mixed up in everything
If I'm what you need
tell me now or baby let me be
'Cause I'm finished here
not that you care my dear
But just so you know

See I could play cool
Go by the game rules
But that's exhausting love
And it ain't my game to play
But babe, you hit me
With every pretty little look you give
See I hold them close so if it's nothing
please stop today

I played my last hand
I took her chips and ran
And saved her next from a life of guessing
You're welcome very much
Save your school boy crush
Run while you can
Track Name: Not Yet Home
Riddle me this, riddle me that
I've been struggling with the facts
And I'm feeling worthless
part of the circus
with a cliche balancing act
Give me a beat, some rhythm to speak
Cause all hell's broke loose in me
And there's no contain'
I'm not complainin'
But I can't hide if you don't speak

Cut back to reality, don't know what's happening

I can't fool myself, don't think I'm
Better off alone, I can't hold my own
I'm taking one step up, two back
I'm clinging to the broken road
But falling through the cracks
I'm not yet home

I had the tick of my future clock
I had a spot on the first place block
See, I had perfection, missed my direction
Now I'm trembling, dealing with shock
I had a head that fit in my chest
I had a heart that was under arrest
But I let the heat knock me off my feet
Before I could taste the rest

I can't find my own way out
I'm knee deep in doubt and I need savin'
And I can't kiss another mouth
It'd be without my hearts permission
Track Name: Man in the Middle
Are you happy now?
Are you smiling?
Are you happy? Have I kept you from crying?
Would you like me to sing
Just one more song, let's see
My throat is raw and it is swollen
But I'll give you anything that you need
Don't mind me

I'm your man in the middle
Who nods his head and I speak very little
But there's a mountain underneath my rug
Where I sweep away the painful stuff
Yes I say, put your bow to the fiddle
Do a dance and find a tune you can whistle
I'll do anything you want me to
Slowly dyin', right here in the middle
If it's cool with you

Am I funny yet?
Am I caring?
Am I reserved or shall I be daring?
Have I swept you off your feet?
Have I strummed right on beat?
Have I said the right thing?
I can't tell what you think and it kills me

Are you entertained?
Are you tipsy?
Do you feel fixed or are you even listening?
Here's my pain, you can smoke it
And get high, even though you provoked it
But I'm glad it gets you through your day
Yes I'm glad I give you words to say
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Please just love me
Oh please, I need something

Someone loves you
Yes deeply loves
It's me that loves you
And I constantly show you
But you do everything to flee from me
Stop your cryin'
You're not dyin'
Long live the king
Track Name: Anthem of the Brokenhearted
There's a fine line between
The coward and the dreamer
You were my nicotine
But now I've grown meaner
'Cause I'm cuttin' you out
You smoked every ounce of me

Hey pretty girl, yeah you
The one I've been singing to
All those tunes, I want 'em back
They don't belong to you anymore
They did once, but now they're wasting away

Oh, oh why'd you keep me around so long?
Oh, oh I knew you'd leave me here all along

Are you blind or just selfish
For love and attention
You gave me those open doors
And I got trapped in them
'Cause I'll never be
The prince that you wished me to be
I wouldn't change a damn thing
I did once, but that's lost on my
All my failures and tortures are apart of me
I hate to tell you, but scars are the face of this soul

I could yell this to Brooklyn
Or the deserts of Texas
But when you're in front of me
I'm everything but reckless
I just wanna please
The master who's pulling my strings
But that doesn't change
The things that you did to me
Consider this real 'cause reality's dead to me
Quiet I seem
But I'm louder than the songs that I sing

I can't tell if you're from
My God or from Satan
You're so close to perfect
But girl I'm aching
Under your spell
I'm shaking like hell in this trance
Oh, I tried to ween
myself from the fairytales
But outside the movie screen
There's nothing but painful yells
Screaming for something
That I could give you easily
Track Name: Weary
Well, I hate my tongue that's where I'm at
My brain gets sick, but when it's back
It can't fight the mess so falls back in it's trance
My heart's the wise one of the three
The problem is it's never seen
So as they're sabotaging me
Raise the curtain
Shine the spotlight

Ah, well I've grown weary
Ah, 'cause you can't hear me
I mean well but you see nothing more

I hate my tongue that bad disease
And the brain that sleeps on me
If this here heart could learn their schemes
Then our end could trump the means
If you'd just stopped your surface screams
Opened your eyes and tried to see
I'm not as bad as I may seem
Give me some room to be redeemed
Track Name: Hip Pocket Boys
Well, this little cowgirl
she's got pistols 'round her waste
She chooses to a likin'
while they sit quiet in their place
You can roll, but you can not roll over them
You can roll, but you will not orll over them

Well, my little
she's chalked full of options here
But this hip pocket baby's
sayin goodbye, goodbye dear
She can roll, but she will not roll over me
She can roll, but she will not roll over me

Her innocence is gone I must retreat
I keep one eye open when I fall asleep
And if she tries to stain me with deceit
Then I will knock
those stompin' boots right off her feet

Little miss pristine
I think your heart has grown numb
All those years you made yourself
believe by playin' dumb
That you can roll, but you will not roll over me
Newsflash little lady
I see past your pretty face
But this hip pocket baby's here
to put you in your place
You can roll, but you will not roll over me

Your innocence is gone I must retreat
I keep one eye open when I fall asleep
And if you try to stain me with deceit
Then I will knock
those stompin' boots right off your feet

The clock hits noon
The whole saloon is outside on the street
Oh so soon, til click-bang-boom
The broad is off her feet
She'll learn through noise, hip pocket boys
have got themselves some fight
Came accross as coy but we aint no toys
to be used to your delight

Our innocence is gone you best retreat
And keep one eye open when I fall asleep
'Cause if you try to stain us with deceit
Then we'll knock
those stompin' boots right off your feet
Track Name: If You Let the Devil Own You
6'4" with the guts that could top it
A pair of jeans and a skull ring pocket
Twice the fight of the boys in the projects
Timmy T. had a heart like a rocket

Brother Benny had a qualm with the street gang
Got jumped all alone in the cold rain
Timmy T. handled things in his own way
Put a body in the ground on the next day

Here's your view from the bars learn to like it
Your jumpsuit, keep it clean, we don't wash it
Look at me funny and you'll sleep inside the closet
I'm the boss your the punk try to fight it
Timmy T. took the challenge of the tough guy
Cocked his head to the side said "Me oh my"
Threw a jab to the base of his left eye
And made himself a name on the inside

He said, someone send an angel
I've been livin' in the fire all my days
Someone send an angel
'Cause the devil keeps guidin my ways
Someone send an angel
I got a soul that screams to be saved
But if the world gets easy,
where will that world leave me anyway

Timmy's girl came to visit on the weekends
About a year slipped away she got thinkin'
There are things Timmy T. just ain't givin'
She wrote a letter sent her man off the deep end
Timmy T. went all crazy on the inmates
A couple tears tatted right on his cold face
Solitary was his home for some long days
All alone with his thoughts as his company
Timmy prayed to a God he hadn't met yet
Said I'm weak, takes a lot to admit that
If I surrender will you help me get my life back
And Timmy T. started off on a new track

Someone sent an angel
He'd been livin' in the fire all his days
Someone sent an angel
And the devil stopped guiding his ways
Someone sent an angel
He had a soul that screamed to be saved
See the world ain't easy
But Timmy T. kept breathing anyway

Timmy T. walked the yard in his old age
Saw a boy, reminded him of his old ways
Looked in his eyes, saw the pain comin his way
Said son take a seat ill tell ya somethin
I used to walk around proud just like you do
All I needed was my fist and the wrong dude
That don't last when the world falls around you
The devil's big if you let the devil own you

That day I met my angel
I'd been livin in the fire all my days
That day I met angel
And the devil stopped guiding my ways
That day I met my angel
I had a soul that screamed to be saved
See the world ain't easy
But I'll keep on breathing anyway
Track Name: Utopia
Hello portrait town
I can't hear a sound above the violins
Ain't no need to frown
As the black and white utopians
Don't try to slip a drink
You'll be sure to sink if you test your fate
You need the penthouse suite
As you tap your feet into heaven's gates

Hold on to what you've been told
Stick with the old, dont ask questions
But hold on to all of your gold
There ain't no one but you
Hold on to history
Say, if it worked for them itll work for me
Wait, hold on 'cause I don't think
That all your talkin is true
You're floatin' proud off the ground
In your big hot air balloon

See there's a world out there livin'
cold and scared i think theres room for ya
But you would never dare
leave your cozy white suburbia
You can't see them bleed
even in your six inch heals
But at least you say your prayers
before your three course meals

Sit up straight, be great, there ain't room for failin'
In this place, no grace, that's just wishful thinkin'
Open wide, don't cry, you will thank me later
When you're blind you'll find life is so much better

"I fly by the moon in my hot air balloon"
They sing, "I fly by the moon in my hot air balloon"

You think you're so much better
But you can't see past your mirror
You can't pretend forever
Your pretentious souls will wither
Track Name: The Otherside
I see good, I see beauty
I see past all the thing that you did to me
I see passion, and I see dreamers
Above the beat down city I can see the streamers

Take a little look, take a look sometime
The night ain't dark if you learn to shine
through everything, shine through everything

Once upon a time
Peter Pan did not fly
He drank his whiskey
and he locked himself inside
While all the world was bright
He hung his head so he could cry, cry, cry
While the whole neighborhood
was livin' up their lives
All the kings horses and all the kings men
Couldn't strap pretty little wings on him
Until he saw the light on the otherside

I saw your face, I saw it beamin'
I saw your broken heart and then I saw your healin'
I saw your mountains, I saw your hunger
I saw your sleepless night
and then girl I saw your slumber

Maybe just maybe I think too much
And I miss out on the hopeful stuff
that carries me, that carries me

On the otherside
On the otherside, yeah
On the otherside, we'll see you
On the otherside