Memories in the Form of Sound

by Melodime

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released October 10, 2008

Lyrics and music by Bradley Rhodes
Additional music and arrangements by Sam Duis and Tyler Duis
Produced by Sam Duis, Tyler Duis and Bradley Rhodes
Engineered by Sean Russell
Additional Engineering by Michelangelo Andreski and Billy Hickey
Mastered by Bill Wolf
Album Design by Dan Tello

All songs © 2008 Lockstar Records, All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Melodime Virginia

"Melodime is what’s missing in music today – a band that tells stories from their deepest recesses of their hearts and souls: a band that seamlessly blends the musical past with the sounds of the future; a band that is working hard to make a difference through their music and charitable giving that will last a lifetime." ... more


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Track Name: Harmony
Be my harmony darling for always
Though you can’t carry a tune, that’s alright
Be my harmony darling for always
And let our music guide us through our lives

As I step up on this wishing well
My change is loose and some just fell
And darling, I will let you wish for me
What do you think that I might adore
Remember I cannot love you more
My love's already soaring at its peak
Now I have slipped a bit and babe I know
But so have you so lets just go
And slip together now and always... Carry my...

Well those first two months (our awkward phase)
Well that worked out in many ways
You’re the puzzle piece that completes my soul
Or when the world seemed like a better place
When freedom slapped us in the face
Well it wasn’t, no it was nothing without you

Baby, believe in this harmony oh and follow me
To the ends of the earth
So you can see what you are truly worth
I’ll take your hand in mine
Look inside your story-tellin’ eyes
Baby, sing my song for as long as it takes
Track Name: Twisted Fairytale
Do you remember August, standing in the dark
Outside your house, the night before you left for college now
I held you so close and I will not forget the part
When I drove away then stopped just down the road

Well it was hard, hard hard
My tears kept getting bigger
We've come so far, far far
But the ending came much quicker

And there's no need for regrets I've learned a lot and now I rest
With the saga in my pocket and a life that hasn't stopped yet
Determined as a rocket I'll still fly… I'll still fly

Bitter sweet summers, they bring false hopes to my heart
But maybe this one, love, maybe this one will be different now
I've searched my soul for independence an unwanted second start
I've yet to find it, but pretend smiles they look all the same

Now we can't talk, talk talk apparently it brings complication
So I'll take off, off off my wounded hopes and aspirations.

Well the author of my twisted fairytale
Is more than able to control
Listen princess I don't like to fail
Track Name: Sweet Contentment
Just another day, bring on another day
Time is meant for change to the dreaming runaway
For now I lie awake in fear of my mistakes
Will this persuading world persuade me to its ways?

I look to mom whose saying goodbye to her last
A quiet house awaits with only memories of the past

And I don't know where my stepping stone may lay
Or if it's stairs into an office or the stairs onto a stage
But as I watch regrets and praises fall to place
I'll just smile and watch the world move at it's pace
Yeah, I'll just smile with sweet contentment on my face

A bittersweet affair, I don't know how to care
So I will just move on and hope to see you there
And looking back I'll grin, it's all it could have been
What would I do to live it all again?

Won’t you pave one last step for me?
Loosen the ropes around my wrist before I’m set free?
Turn me over to God, would that be okay?
He’ll untie the rest and let my arms be on their way
Track Name: When I'm Sixty-Three
Come and walk with me down future street
And maybe we can rub that crystal ball
Well I’ll pass my friend because I know my future
Is not moving at all
I’ll attack my life on my toes
Instead of letting my life attack me
And besides I have an idea
Of how my future will be

'Cause when I’m sixty-three out on my front porch
With a guitar in my arms
I’ll be singing music about the days that I’ve been through
I will strum with style
With a smile between the wrinkles of my face
I’m a dreamer and I’ll dream my life come true

Let the waves crash as my rhythm
And the winds serve as my own harmonies
I’ll invite over inspirations as my higher inspiration watches me
Sing bedtime stories to my grandkids
Play the old songs that I’ve always loved to sing
Then crack a smile of remembrance
Strumming chords and glancing down at my state ring

" "
I search my soul for a calling
As my young eyes dream away
I see my future and here’s the motto I will say
'I don’t need a crowd
Unless a crowd is in the mood for what I say
I’ll play the songs made for my friends
But after church on Sundays'

I’ll kiss my wife and say I love you
Hit the lights prepared to do it all again
Yeah, that’s what I see
And man, I cannot wait for it to all begin
Track Name: Happy Strings
How many times must you fade away?
Life throws you curves it’s your choice to stay
Just as much as its mine to play today
So won’t you come and play with me?
Oh you’ll never know how it sets you free
When your mind is on an angry spree just stop and breathe
And strum with me today

Let the rains fall down on my happy strings
And the sun beat down till it slowly brings
My thoughts combined with some other things that I will sing
It’s funny how it works like that
But I promise you that that’s a fact
These are the aspects that are intact right here

So come along with me
And try to see the things I see
‘Cause I’ve been seeing things I’ve never seen before

It comes from a place that’s fairly deep
Where it is a little difficult for me to speak
But not to deep for my heart to beat the words
Lots will listen but few understand
Now I might look like a confused man
But this is all from my first hand and now to you

And placed right there upon my tomb
I want the lyrics of every single tune
'Cause someday, yes someday soon I'll wake
And read that music nice and loud
With all my memories nice and loud
Memories in the form of sound that I will sing
So come along with me
'Cause I've been seeing things I've never seen before
Track Name: Orange People
The Lincoln tunnel well it serves as my direction
My rough walk or my great escape?
My prayers avoided vast detection
With one to search and one to relate

Man I cannot stand the asphalt
The smog doesn't leave much room to breathe
Which brings my dreams to a quick halt
And turns my eyes to Tennesee

Now I don't classify as a southerner
My accent's not quite there at all
But tennesseee's my long last brother
And man I dig a southern draw
The city life has fallen into a deep hole
So I'm here right now, with these orange people

So here I am I'm stuck in the middle
Though Virginia, sweet Virginia, yes you'll always be home to me
I'll miss this place more than a little
For it wrote me more songs than I can sing
Track Name: Julia
Dear my love, I write confined in ol' Jeff city
I’m shackled from every sense I have of home
But luckily babe, I surround myself with photographs
It’s not quite the same, but your blue eyes still speak to me

Step through your frame oh, Julia
Into the life I’m livin’
You’ll see my pain without you girl
But hopes for us both keep me driven

Dear my love, how’s the winter up in Blacksburg?
You’re shackled from the summer sun against your skin
As for me, I’ve made amends here with the winter
Only because the summer memories I retain
And I know you hold them too
Sometimes I feel like they're all I have

So keep your promise wrapped around your finger
As we step to the home stretch, babe I’m a believer

I am over my head with you
But somehow, I like the drowning
The things that I love, I just can’t leave
The days till unity I still keep counting
Track Name: NoVa Love
Let’s just breathe one last breath of unity

Well every push will come to shove
When it strikes you from above
But I’ll always have, I’ll always have my NoVa love

Strike a match give me light through this darkened walk
It’s hard to see through expectations and the hopefully talk
As I stumble through the mountains of life’s new phase
I find my peace, my sense of home in this familiar place

I dig my feet into the ground that’s now a part of me
And breathe the air that brings us back to true camaraderie
I raise a toast with the friends who know how home should be
The good ol' days never seemed to be so new to me

A lesson from me to you few things in life are true
But it all comes down to the very few that get you through
Though most original crews will search for something new
The 703 will live and breathe what made our youth
Every push will come to shove when it strikes you from above
But I’ll always have, I’ll always have my nova love

So maybe one day, yeah someday, maybe, someday soon
I’ll grace a stage far away from the hometown crew
And through the madness I’ll go back with this very tune
And see the faces of my beginnings pushing my song through

Let’s just breathe one last breath
Yeah you and me, ‘cause we’re all set
Set to be free
So let’s accept what life will bring
‘cause we’ve all kept our unity
Track Name: The Orphan Song
Well I'm no six string magic man
But I move around ok
I once met a six string magic man
His eyes would squint when he would play

Fingers would bleed on his left hand
But he liked to play with the pain
A starving student to the one man band
He clicked a switch in my right brain

And I fall to my knees so I can…
Find my place deep inside my mind
Where I can race ideas of different kinds
Then spit them out with my guitar behind
The truth that made the orphan song become mine

Well I sang with him as the music played
A color that he'd never seen
And I combined words that he wished he'd made
Then together lived the dream

Well lyrically speaking is my way of leaking my given thoughts on a given day
I cut back to the orgin of hometown love where I pride myself in things I say

I will pour my soul in my guitar but guitars will never speak
So I bridge the gap from song to rap tip tap your toes with me
Track Name: Through the Miles
Baby here I am, I told you through song I’m not so far
Darling rest your head and remember who you are
Just like we're back home again
Yeah, like we're back home again

There you are girl making that walk up to my door
A basement movie night again
Light my home with your walk across me floor
Yeah I miss home again
And you’re where it all begins

Oh my darling, oh my princess, come and lay with me
This is your song to remember as we lay fast asleep
Though I’m not there to make you smile
I’m there to help you dream
Of the future we’ll be holding when God lets us speak

And above all the noise of the trails
Hear my love echo, yeah, echo through the miles

So baby if you feel like your mind can’t draw my face
Close your eyes just like you used to
When I’d serenade you to a place
You once called home again
Yeah, you once called home again

This is never a conclusion but an anthem in itself
Just a song to hold us over till it’s you and myself
And we're back home again, soon we’ll be home again
Track Name: Somebody
Somebody saved me
I was a fool for far too long
But I learned lately
To live the good life before it’s gone
I’ll mix some right with a bit of wrong

I broke down baby
I hit the ground so many times
Till I was carried
Relearned to walk but now I fly
I dig the music but need the rhyme

‘Cause I know the perfect life cannot be found
And I’m so thankful that I found that now
‘Cause I’ll go smiling in battle and singin’ loud

I went the wrong way
But somebody stopped me in my tracks
Explained the replay
I can journey on and journey back
Mistaking mystery for fact

I’ve played the same game
So many times but never learned
To play the right way
Instead I’m reckless with no concern
Play with the fire, expect the burn